Grinding to get to Majorca without the in-laws.

Here is a very typical 'one-time hit' email. Here they use an assumed familiarity that you fit into a fairly large group of UK people who have been married a while and enjoy to holiday in Majorca often. Now if you are recently divorced or unmarried this is a pretty useless pitch, but it may work for a few in a hundred. The email suggests that the sender - Ken Nel - is an expert at generating digital traffic for your website, but if he was an SEO/SEM expert he would unlikely be spamming people with emails as poor as this. In order to get traffic your whole approach has to be as close to unique as you can make it. Not easy in this saturated world that most of us are simply just trying to escape from.

Doing it everyday to get to Majorca without the In laws - there is a better way.

The only grinding you should enjoy is the coffee grinder

The smell of fresh coffee in Majorca.

It's said to be successful you need to master the monotonous

Like grinding out fresh content for social every day

Updating your facebook, linkedin, and every other platform.

It's a grind that is required to gain visibility and grow the company.

More grind means more leads means more business

But where to find the time, it all take time


Sales Pitch - Yes this is a sales pitch


Selling you something of value but giving you the most valuable commodity in the world back - even more valuable than microchips.


It looks like this

  • 16 x social media posts text plus images loaded onto facebook and Linkedin
  • 1x 600 word article for linkedin and loaded with the correct SEO tags on your website
  • 1 hour a month of digital consulting to help you get too grips with your online strategy.

£350 a month no contract - why not have a call.

Like I said Insane value - but don't take my word - I am a salesman.

Look at the testimonials and then book your free session

Book a Free Chat on How to get more traffic that converts.

I have 8 great tips for linkedin - you will see the difference immediately. the PDF is free

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