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Here we can see a very simple tactic to try and infuriate in order to get a response and certify your email address as a valid email that receives traffic and email are read. Most of the spam lists circulated amongst the SEO crowd, and other common spam sources, such as printers, app development, office fittings and HR companies, buy lists from companies that validate larger lists. They buy in a list from Pakistan or Eastern Europe with millions of addresses on and then spam every address with the same macro. The macro sends the email to your address and inserts your name and asks if you want app development or SEO service and gives no real detail as to who is sending the email. This is quit infuriating, so you reply back telling them to get lost, but they do not receive an email, their system merely logs you as a live email address, and so they have hugely improved their email address integrity by chopping out the 99% who do not read these kinds of emails. 
The address below is an email account that they have made up for this run of spam to see who reacts. They will probably run this one hundred times until everyone has gotten angry enough to reply who is going to, and so they have produced a valuable list instead of a useless one, just by spamming the original list.
Clever, eh?
Never respond to an SEO email no matter how angry you are.
Await the printing company to email you, and then email them. Ask them where they bough their list, which they now have to provide in a post GDPR world, and then ask them is they want some proper SEO to help them with their business! You can turn any spam to your advantage with a little patience:)
Kevin Gerdes (usa.net58lk@gmail.com)
Kevin Gerdes
Thu 18/11/2021 12:08



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