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Here we see again what terrible business practices are in place, operated by spammers. They are using deception to try and pretend that they are replying to you with the subject name, and then go on to apologise for 'coming out of the blue.' No one would ever do business with these idiots, so why do they persist?

Well the answer is simple, they are not really app builders or SEO/SEM specialists. They are list builders, discovering which email addresses are live and which are not. They only want a reply, not a job. They then sell their illegal lists online for other people to spam us.

There is no John Meadows, they just choose the most trustworthy name that they can come up with in the hope of any type of response.

Pretty pathetic really.

Hi TopOnGoogle

Sorry for coming out from the Blue, we wanted to know in case you have any upcoming plans of owning your Mobile App for Business or Startup? We work on a lot of different categories like:


  1. Custom App Development (iPhone, Android), Mobile App Testing
  2. GPS /Taxi /Food Delivery /Finance app /Business app /Video & Audio Chat app, etc.
  3. Web Application Development
  4. Customized platform built around your business
  5. Easy to use, maintain and update


If You are interested. I would be happy to share our Methodologies, past work details, and client Testimonials and Prices as per your need.

(Share your project requirements).

Will be looking forward to hearing back from you.

Warm Regards,

John Meadows

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