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SEO and content marketing are actually the same thing

Wherever your page is ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs) there is another factor that generates a greater desire to interact with your site. A factor that is difficult to pin-down into any single influence or technique because it is the most human of afflictions - the desire to be associated with something bigger than just ourselves. Once we have a favourite personality or TV programme then there is a tendency to side with that identity through thick and thin. This is an important part of your online strategy - first impressions.

Marketing Your Copy

Marketing with Advertising with Copy Writing

Marketing vs. Advertising

For the website owner, there really isn't so much difference anymore - it amounts to paying monthly for a service that gets you to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and when you stop paying, you stop seeing the results. The question is, should you do one or the other, or should you do both?

Is Advertising Easier than Marketing?

Well this really depends on how much competition you have in your sector and what type of advertising you are going to try. If you are outsourcing the whole operation then you would expect to see the results more quickly with advertising, but if competition is fierce it may well take a month or so to get your adverts in front of the right people for the right price.

Where do I start?

Find out how much competition there is - get yourself a Google Account and use the Google Keyword Planner to see how much competition there is over some relevant terms in your market. It is also worth searching for your market on Google Search and see how many entries appear with a green 'Ad' box in front. This gives a good indication of how many people are paying to advertise on keywords relevant to your business

If Competition is Fierce..

Advertising is going to be expensive and only the best partner will be able to get you results. It is very easy to throw a lot of money at PPC advertising and in all probability you will find advertising in print or on trusted websites less expensive and less stressful. If you can get results from a company that offers you a fixed rate for the month then consider that - obviously these companies make a profit but if they are prepared to risk making a loss per click then they will probably know what they are about.

If Competition is Low?

Here is a chance to make the most of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. You are essentially bidding for each click that brings people to your website. If competition is low then the bids will be low and quality prospects that are searching the web will be easy pickings. This tends to apply to companies that offer local services and will have the name of their town or village in the search term or who offer a very specialist service.

Old-Fashioned Marketing

This is an area that has seen revitalisation in recent years because so may companies now advertise on PPC. If you know there is a big website or magazine particular to your industry or business then all of the difficulty of PPC has been taken out of the equation - you are guaranteed relevant prospects and inheriting credibility all at one fell swoop. A well placed, well-designed advert on the correct website or paper page will pay dividends. Never be afraid to advertise.