Who on Earth is Rassakowska and why are so many people searching for them?

As far as we can see it is just a surname and has no real search results.

It comes up as a link on a sircles.net blog post about a fake Elon Musk's trading platform because one of the fake testimonials uses this surname - Milana Rassakowska.

It is the surname of various FaceBook users but none of them appear to be famous.

It has some adult video links when searched for on DuckDuckGo.com

And that is about it.

So why are 4000 per week searching for Rassakowska?

Please leave us a comment to explain if you know!

To date this is still a mystery and no one appears to be able to explain. Is Rassakowska a person? Why do the scammers use this name Milana Rassakowska which appears to be a real name that they have taken from FaceBook. Does this mean that the scammers are searching on FaceBook in that country to find names? Most of the Milana Rassakowska people we see appear to be either fake or hacked but presumably this is a name from Europe somewhere, but there is nothing under any of the ancestry sites regarding this name in particular, so it must be pretty rare.

As most of the traffic for this name comes from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, there must be some connection to this name in those countries, but we have not been able to find anything online. Is it possible that all of these people are seeing the picture of this woman on the scam pages and searching for her online as if she is a real person?

She is a nice-enough looking girl, but would you really search for her on the off-chance that she was real? You would have to believe that the scammer app was real first, and that is a stretch!

All of the results for her image are in Russian or Serbian:

In Russia we can see the result  opposite which may or may not be a real person.

On this site in Serbia they at least seem to have a larger version of the image:

where she is called Мирјана Видовић