Tactical Irritation From Email

Here is an example of purposeful infuriation to discover if an email account is live so that spam lists can be built more accurately. This email appears to be a second email but if you look carefully, it makes no sense.

Firstly, if you send someone an email a second time, you do not see the previous email embedded within it as below:

And secondly, if we search for this person to find their previous email to us, we see this message:

Which is the same email:


I apologize for email again.

I was wondering if you got a chance to review my previous email. Please suggest if there is any update for us.

I would highly appreciate your acknowledgement and valuable comments on my last mail.

I’m looking forward to your reply.




-----Original Message-----
From: Winnifred Sullivan <[email protected]>
Sent: Thu, Sep 23, 2021 11:57 pm
Subject: Website Revamp.??



We are offering.


  1. New Website


  1. Websiteredesign, revamp


  1. Logo Design


4.E-Commerce Solutions and Mobile app development


  1. PayPal, shopping cart and Live Chat option in your website.


Do let me know if you are interested.


If you are interested, then please share your exact requirement so that I can suggest you a solution in Daccordance.


Kind Regards

So they are not sending part of an email chain, they are using the idea of insistence to infuriate you sending an email back telling them to f**k off as a way of seeing if your email address is live.

They do not wish to apologise, but annoy. It is an interesting tactic, but not one that will ever get them any useful business except being a worthless scumbag scammer, so instead of replying, just take pleasure in that.

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